Camera Cables

These cables are sold at the Camera Axe store. Also listed at the store is a list of cameras that use each plug so check there if you have a questions about what type of cable your camera needs.

Unfortunately there are many different shutter trigger plug types. Many camera manufactures like Canon and Nikon even have different plug types for different lines of cameras. It sure would be nice if there was a standard plug type, but there is not. Below are a list of plug types and a pinout diagram. While these cables are sold at our store, the pinouts are provided below for those who would rather make their own cables.

One important thing to note about camera trigger cables is that all DSLR cameras have a pretty long shutter delay for those interested in the types of high speed photography the Camera Axe is often used with. This page lists many different cameras and their shutter delay. If your camera isn’t on the list and you can’t find the shutter delay in your instruction manual (it’s often not listed) then a general rule is your delay will be between 40 and 150 milliseconds. This is a very long time for some types of high speed photography. Flashes typically have a lag about 1000 times less so you should look into triggering a flash instead of a camera for real high speed events. I’ve done numerous videos about shutter lag at TechPhotoBlog. Here is a video at TechPhotoBlog that gives a general overview of shutter lag.

Below are a set of images for the pin outs (schematics) for many different camera plugs.

Camera Axe Pins

Camera Axe Cable

Canon C3 Schematic

Canon C3 Cable

Canon C1 Schematic

Canon C1 Cable

Nikon N1 (10 Pin) Schematic

Nikon N1 Cable

Nikon N2 Schematic

Nikon N2 Cable

Nikon N3 Schematic

Nikon N3 Cable

Olympus Schematic

Olympus Cable

Sony S1 Schematic

Sony S1 Cable

Panasonic Schematic

This cable is a little more complex and requires some resistors. Check out this forum post to see how it’s done.